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Usage Tips!


Here are a few tips for best use of your kit:

~ While Munch-n-Notes are very colorful and look fun to use, they are truly meant for an adult, teen, or older child to create notes for the younger child.  The markers can be messy and should not be played with by younger children.

~ The colored circles can be used to make a happy face of your own, write your child’s name or initials, or as the background for other stickers such as the happy faces, hearts, etc.  To use as the background, simply put a dab of glue on the colored circle, and then layer the sticker of your choice on top.  This is a great way to change up the look of many of the stickers.  The glue will come off easily during clean up.

~ The best way to clean your Munch-n-Notes card is to remove any stickers or brads, hold onto the narrow end of the dampened sponge, and use the broad end to wet the note card.  Once the entire note card is dampened, simply wipe it dry with a cloth.  Let boththe note card and sponge dry completely before placing back into the tin.

We hope these tips help to make your experience using our product a most enjoyable one! If you have discovered any useful or fun tips of your own that we may be able to add to our tip list, please share them with us at 4makidz@gmail.com!