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Munch-n-Notes Q & A

Munch-N-Notes logoQ. What are Munch-n-Notes?
A. Munch-n-Notes are an environmentally-friendly, fresh, new approach to the back-to-the-basics method of writing notes to our kids.  It’s a fun, low-tech form of communication in our now, “oh, so high-tech” world –no batteries required!!  Kids love the bright colors, stickers, and words of encouragement.   Munch-n-Notes offers parents a simple yet meaningful way to add a little something extra to their child’s day — a wonderful reminder that they are very loved and always thought about.

Q. Why did you create Munch-n-Notes?
A. I initially created Munch-n-Notes because there were often times that I would drop my kids off at school and remember that I hadn’t reminded them of some daily necessity or after-school activity.  So I began using notes in their lunchboxes as a way to pass on these messages.  The messages were often reminders but many times just words of encouragement and expressions of love.

Q. How are Munch-n-Notes agreen” product?
A. In an effort to be more “environmentally aware,” I decided to use paper remnants or scratch paper to write my daily notes to the kids.  When the notes came back in good condition, I would save them for use on another day.  Unfortunately, most of the time they  came back in disrepair with food or liquid spilled on them and would be trashed.  It occurred to me that it would be far less wasteful and even more environmentally friendly if the same note could be reused regardless of food or liquid spills. Hence, the creation of Munch-n-Notes, which are easily cleaned for reuse by wiping with a damp cloth or wipe and drying.

Q. How would Munch-n-Notes be useful to me?
A. Munch-n-Notes are great as:

reminders of daily events - “Don’t forget Chess Club after school.”
encouraging words during the school day - “Good luck on your spelling test!”
simple statements of love – “I love you!” (You can never have too many of those!)
loving reprimands – “Stop talking and eat your lunch, please.” (I use this one frequently.)

Q. What makes Munch-n-Notes different from other products for similar use?
Munch-n-Notes have a patented trifold design that allows them to stand upright (children love placing them at their lunch table) and are currently available with two different methods of closure. Munch-n-Notes also allow you the freedom to completely customize your message.  You may even write your message in the language of your choice.  There is no “script” to follow.  It is your message to your child, which you may accessorize with our stickers and brads (or even a brad of your own)!

Q. What comes in a set?
A.Munch-n-Notes are packaged with two reusable theme-based note cards, 18 reusable stickers,  a sponge for cleaning, and  a wet erase marker in a reusable tin.  Theyhave blank space on the inside for your personal note on our patented trifold design.  There are currently four different designs and two closure methods:  a snap closure, which is the easiest for younger children, and a brad closure, which also allows for personalization by using brads of your choosing.

Each set includes:

  • 18 reusable stickers
  • 2 reusable note cards
  • 1 wet erase marker
  • 1 sponge
  • a reusable tin

Closure methods:

  • BRAD – may us your own brads
  • SNAP – easy for all ages
  • (Snap, brad, and marker colors may vary.)

( Our Munch-n-Notes cards are proudly “Made in the USA!”)