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About Us


My wonderfully supportive husband, my three fantastic children, and I started MaKidz.com so that we may share with you products designed to enhance your family life.  As a mom, I strive to nourish my family in every possible way and want to help you do the same by introducing family friendly, family smart products that we feel will be of great benefit to your family.

The first “family smart” product that we would like to share with you is Munch-n-Notes.  This product was originally created for my three fantastic children: The Knight,” our eldest son; Princess ,” our one-and-only daughter; and“The Brave Prince,” our youngest son.   They have not only been my inspiration for the creation of Munch-n-Notesbut also my co-collaborators and most ardent supporters in every step of the process.

Our family has shared many wonderful moments together while working on this project, and we sincerely hope your kids enjoy receiving Munch-n-Notesas much as we have enjoyed creating them.


Now available on Amazon!!!

We are very pleased to share with you that we have officially received our PATENT for Munch-n-Notes!


(Our  Munch-n-Notes are proudly made in the U.S.A.,

courtesy of Stewart Label & Print, Inc.!)